So delighted to share this podcast recording today! Maggie Reyes was my coach for 6 months from November 2021-May 2022 and it was so incredible – with outcomes I hadn’t even thought possible when we started.

I want to share with you the story of how I started coaching with @themaggiereyes . I pinch myself in surprise every time!

The wonderful @coachmelissaparsonsmd had talked about having Maggie as her coach and all the insights and successes she’d had. I was inspired….and sent Maggie an email to ask if she had any 1:1 coaching spots available as the Marriage MBA course she has is during “sleeping time” 😉 here in Australia! Well Maggie replied with a lovely warm energy in her words and said YES! We worked out the time difference fun side of making this happen and got started. So so good. So grateful to my curious self for asking for what I wanted…

Some of the sessions we had were 90 mins doing a process so not sitting in a chair rather standing or sitting on a cushion. This was a chance to really embody the teachings Maggie was giving.

She provided a beautiful “taking up space” meditation which I listened to many times, finishing feeling more relaxed and connected and ready to say what was going on…

Finally Maggie encouraged me to tap into my highest inner wisdom. As someone who had previously looked for external validation, looking for the answer within was not such a normal habit for me, but practising it each week in coaching made it a tool I could use in real life.

Thank you Maggie for your highly skilled coaching and for the opportunity to join you on your podcast and celebrate the wins ❤️