This week I want to share the 5 coaching tools I covered in the 5 steps to simplify your life webinar last week. This will be short and sweet and supportive for you, my wonderful audience!

A: Awareness… everything! Are you aware of where your mental energy, time and money goes? What are you consuming eg social media, emails, netflix versus what are you creating at home and work? I suggest you do an Audit of any 24h time period in the last week, and see where you are spending your time. Divide up the 24h into 15 min blocks and note what you’re doing. 

B: Boundaries….can be empowering and a great place to start with self-care. A “personal” boundary is something you create for yourself from a place of self-responsibility. When does work really finish for you? Are you clear on the most important things to do tomorrow….ie write a list today so those decisions are made and you are less likely to get side-tracked tomorrow. 

C: Constraint…saves your mental energy. The more your brain has to process, the less time you have to think. What are things around you that your brain has to process? – email notifications, text messages, noise in the background, movement in your peripheral vision. Consider what you can do to minimise these distractions for maximum productivity. 

D: Decisions ahead of time…making decisions ahead of time saves mental energy – see the suggestion in Boundaries. Overwhelm is a result of decision fatigue – so how can you make it easier to make a decision? Are there things you don’t need to ponder and consider for ages like meal planning for the week, what you’re going to wear, which pair of shoes to wear, when you will reply to that email, what time you will go to sleep etc. There are many decisions we make on the regular – which ones are harder to make and which ones are quicker and easier?

E: Evaluation… I love the simplicity of this final step:

  • What went well (WWW)
  • What didn’t go well (WDW)
  • What would I do differently (WDD)

This tool can be used to evaluate ANYTHING – from having a team meeting, an interview, a practice exam to overall how your week went. I use this tool at least weekly and find it really supports a growth mindset.

Which of the 5 steps above do you want to test out first? 

I use these tools personally and teach them in my 1:1 coaching sessions. If you want help with recovering from burnout and dealing with the overwhelm send me a message and let’s address it. You will have more time, greater productivity and more energy in a matter of weeks.