This week I took my middle son (and friends) to see the Banff Film Festival. It’s a one night only event touring Australia and likely the world. Showcasing adventurers around the globe doing breath-taking sports. Think mountain biking with your puppy, riding in the hills of Morocco with hot air balloons in the evening sky, skiing in Utah and crossing the North Pole over 87 days!

The interviews by the adventurers were inspiring and insightful, sharing their determination to do what hadn’t been done before: a female pro-rock climber being the first woman to climb Action Directe, the first female Nepalese climbing guide scaling Cholatse, and two experienced winter explorers traversing the North Pole in a 1500km journey on foot over 87 days.

There was a lucky prize part to the event and my little guy was called up to be the random number generator….one of the numbers he called up was my number in the Prize Draw! Sounded a bit sketchy but none of us knew – honest! Coffee from Stitch to go home with was a bonus.

Enjoy some of the shorts linked above.

Image of Banff Film Festival with one man and 3 boys being interviewed in theatre