Emotional Awareness


If you check in with your body, what are you feeling?

Growing emotional awareness is one of the areas I work on in coaching healthcare professionals. Due to the nature of our work, we can bury our emotions and not be so familiar in describing them.

Yet we have a whole range of positive and negative emotions everyday. And that is totally normal. Uncomfortable feelings come along for the ride too. Often people seek to avoid the uncomfortable emotions. This could be through distracting themselves with food, alcohol, gaming, work etc It does not actually remove or eliminate the discomfort. 

I encourage my clients to allow their feelings and be confident in their ability to process ANY emotion. An emotion/feeling cannot hurt us! 

Our emotions come from what we are thinking, and they drive our actions. With understanding of what emotions we feel on the regular (frustrated, anxious, irritated, joy, calm, content, excited) we can be more aware of why we do what we do!


Emotional awareness - lightbulb with EQ cartoon