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Impostor Syndrome… that something you have come across….or are hampered by on the regular?

Burnout and impostor syndrome were both coined in the mid 1970s – not actual medical conditions – but a collection of symptoms that got their own name.

They often go hand in hand.

With the emotional exhaustion of burnout, a classic defining part more common in healthcare professionals, people who have impostor syndrome fear being found out that they are not capable for the job when they are usually overqualified and more than capable. Their confidence leaves them despite their capability and they are less willing to go for something new like a new job application or interview.

A further common theme between burnout and impostor syndrome is the personality type or trait of perfectionism. People may not even try to do something unless it is going to be perfect. They sabotage themselves before even getting started. Which is another common theme – procrastinating. Avoiding starting. Staying stuck, in confusion, not sure what to do or where to start.


Clients often come to coaching with burnout or overwhelm and impostor syndrome. Here are some of the questions I ask to clarify what is really going on….

Why are you having this problem?

What are you creating in your life when you do that?

What if you just wanted to be where you are?

Is it possible that there’s another way to think about this?

What advice would your future self give you?

I particularly love the last question….tapping into your Highest Inner Wisdom has so much value. I have done this many times, asking my future self for guidance for my current self.