It Start with a Pause

Welcome to the first episode of The Burnout Recovery Podcast for 2023.

Dr Jo talks about taking a pause whether long or short, and a range of ways to include a pause in your everyday. She encourages listeners to consider what is in your control, an approach she uses in burnout recovery strategies for her clients who often feel life is out of control.

Finally she encourages healthcare providers and her audience listening to her podcast to feel their feelings rather than bury them away.

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Dr Jo Braid


Podcast Transcript

Hi, my name is Dr. Jo Braid and I am the Burnout Recovery Doctor. I help health care professionals overcome burnout and get that energy back. So whether you’re a med student, allied health professional, or a doctor who is suffering from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, you’re in the right place. In this podcast, you’ll get your energy back through strategies for burnout recovery. This show will give you the practical tips and mindset strategies to help you recover from burnout in health care. 


Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 


Welcome to 2023. We are days into the New Year. How was it started for you? 


I like to choose a word for the year in 2022. It was connection and boy did I have a lot of connection this year. The word I have chosen is expensive. I am feeling expensive. I am thinking expensive thoughts are just some of the ways I will use it in my everyday. 


Is there a word that you’d like to choose for 2023? So how does it feel now that the festive season celebrations and holidays around these events are over? What is important to you right now? And what do you want right now? If you’re nearing burnout and want relief, I can help. On my website, I have a PDF download you can use with 10 different steps to get relief if you’re nearing burnout. 


I’m recording this episode in advance fully aware that on the day of this podcast release, I will be taking a pause from my coaching and clinical practice and having a break with my family by the ocean. This is time to stop and reflect and process what has happened and what is happening right now. And there will be some thoughts applied towards what I’m looking forward to in 2023. 


With awareness we can see what is in our control and what is outside of it. And this is one of the mainstays of burnout recovery I work on with my clients. So what is in your control right now? Here’s an example when you go to sleep. One of my clients has had a focus of eight hours of sleep every night and is prioritising this as high importance and something they work on daily to support their health and emotional well being. How about when you give yourself time for self care, however that looks to you. 


Here’s some ideas. 


Maybe it’s a pause in the car before you get back home after work. Maybe you’d like some breath work, which could be as short as three deep breaths. Maybe it’s journaling. Maybe it’s a walk with or without a friend beside you or on the phone. For myself, I prioritise journaling with coffee as the first thing I do every day, maybe with meditation beforehand. I fill up the kettle the night before have the coffee, plunger and cup ready, and my journal and one of my favourite pins ready to go. It really is one of my favourite times of the day and takes less than 10 minutes to journal a page of thoughts. 


So why do I do this? 


Well, it clears my mind of questions, thoughts, and often uncertainties in my head. If these stay as thoughts swirling around my head, I don’t get the same resolution as if I write these down and more objectively look at what I’m really thinking. So although this break with my wonderful family is a pause of a couple of weeks, I encourage you to think about how and when you can include pauses on the regular for yourself. 


For example, if you know your if you notice your clinic schedule is running behind. And you’re starting to feel a range of emotions such as frustration, anger, impatience or disappointment. Stop for a moment and allow the feeling feel in your body where you notice that feeling is it in the front of your chest is it in your back between your shoulder blades and support yourself in the compassionate understanding that you’re feeling this way because of a thought that you have about running late in clinic. And there really can be a relief in acknowledging this in yourself rather than burying the emotion and pushing on regardless. We’re all humans here in medicine and health care and yes, we do have emotions. It’s okay to feel them and life is 5050 good and bad and our range of emotions will be 5050 too. 


Do you find yourself last on your list and feeling disengaged? Through the 12 week burnout recovery programme I offer you will get to be first on your list without the guilt have space in your life. Be clear on what you want so you can have fun and joy again, ready to get started. said with one on one coaching this year and enjoy your work and home life again. Then book in for a call with me via my website, I’m ready to start coaching new clients from late January 2023. 


In wrapping up the first podcast episode for 2023. When would you like to take the next pause? Think about what is in your control and what is important for you, and what is enough as a pause for you. The next three episodes on the podcast are about three common personality traits I see in people at risk of burnout. These are the three P’s perfectionism, people pleasing and procrastination. 


I’m wishing you and yours a healthy and happy start to 2023 with a restful aspect as needed. Thanks and catch up with you next week. Thank you for tuning in to the burnout recovery podcast. If you liked what you heard, please hit subscribe and head on over to my website at Dr. Joe There you can download my free guide with 10 tips to take if you’re nearing burnout. See you next time!