“Jo is an amazing coach. I’m a healthcare professional, and I’ve struggled to keep myself in the right frame of mind during the uncertain and rapidly changing healthcare environment. Jo has been an integral part of upleveling my career. With her background in healthcare, and her gift for helping identify the real problems I’m facing, her coaching has been key in helping me get out of my own way so I can better serve those around me. I’m so fortunate to have found Jo! ” 

– Jennifer Weir, Registered Nurse

“Dr Braid is an exceptional coach who picks up on the very nuances that get in the way of one’s career progression. She is an astute listener and observer and has provided me with clarity and inspiration to take the next step in my career progression. She is committed to her client’s goals and will challenge and fully back them to achieve their goals and vision.”

– Suzi Petrozzi, Clinical Psychologist

I am starting to think about how I might become more inspiring, energetic, vibrant, warm and supportive in all my relationships.”

“The ability to reflect upon my thoughts and to process my emotions has been my biggest transformation. This has given me tools to help manage my overwhelm. I now feel so much more hopeful, energetic and positive. I just love Jo’s nonjudgemental ability to ask the right questions so I find my own solutions. I would recommend Jo to anyone who feels they are struggling to keep their head above water. “

– Healthcare Professional

“Feeling like I am really becoming more focused on where I want to ‘be’ in various areas of my life; socially, career-wise, personally, financially, emotionally.  Feeling a little less mentally cluttered this week and excited about the future.  Also feeling very grateful that I decided to start being coached as I really cannot believe how much better I feel these days.  Thank you so much.”

– Allied Health Professional

“I just love Jo’s non-judgemental ability to ask the right questions so I find my own solutions.”

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