Time management

I coach clients on a great strategy that I use called Monday Hour One (from The Life Coach School).

– to start with do a mind dump or a list of all the things you need to do for the week
– then sort them into priorities – and even discard ones that don’t really need doing – that can be so liberating!
– look at your calendar for the week ahead and start off by scheduling the fun/self-care activities – so these nurturing activities are prioritised for you – as well as family time, meals and rest. It may seem strange to prioritise these activities but what has worked in the past? 
– then with the remainder of items on your to do list schedule them into your week. Cross off each item as you go until all is dealt with.
– and throw the list away! Yes – your to do list has been dealt with fully and you can free up the brain space and energy it was occupying.

After setting this system up and practicing it week on week my thinking is freed up and I am more present in the moment.

By setting up a schedule this way we are creating healthy boundaries. Demonstrating it to ourselves, our families and colleagues.

If you want to get clear on your boundaries and love your schedule with self-care included book in for a free consult. I have spaces coming up and would love to share this tool and many more through coaching.