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Now is the time to decide about your future


Do you want to start living the life you want to be living? It’s up to you to make the decision. And changes. Challenge the status quo.


Do you want to live a life with less people-pleasing, clearer boundaries that you set and honour, more freedom, less worry about what others think about you, more self-confidence and way less stress?



That life is waiting for you to decide….you want to live it.


Make a decision and claim it as yours.



Try something new…..like coaching.

Burnout Recovery Coaching Program


Burnout to Buoyancy is a 12 week program, with weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (45 minutes each) with Dr Jo.

Clients with exhaustion and overwhelm at the start, leave with a renewed sense of energy, connection and self-compassion.

The cost of the program is $3300 AUD including GST.

If you want to overcome burnout, book a free consult call using the button below. Then we can get started and you can get relief from the exhaustion in a matter of weeks.


Hi there, I’m Dr Jo Braid.

I am a Rehabilitation Physician and a burnout recovery coach.

I’ve been in medicine for over 20 years and know the stresses and strains that are often inherent in the medical culture. It’s time to start putting yourself first, so you can be in the best possible physical and emotional health. For yourself, your family and your patients.

Coaching is a useful, validated tool for doctors to help them:

  • perform at their best potential
  • lead an effective and efficient team
  • be an example of how to communicate
  • get clear on boundaries
  • define and address workplace stressors
  • be proactive in their careers
  • address their own wellbeing
  • have a growth mindset

In May 2022, JAMA published an RCT on the effectiveness of coaching for female registrars in burnout. Results showed a statistically significant reduction in emotional exhaustion following 6 months of group coaching, compared with the control group. Link to publication.

I’ve developed my coaching program specifically around the needs of medical professionals who want personalised, confidential mentoring and relief from the overwhelm so they can enjoy their work and home life.